HeartDEE-duh-luss; DAY-duh-lus

Daedalus Origin and Meaning

The name Daedalus is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "craftsman".
Name of a tragic mythological hero, used as a surname in the works of James Joyce; heavy but ponderous for an American boy, though pulled off very well by single-name musician Daedalus and writer and artist Daedalus Howell.

20 Names Similar to Daedalus

Famous People Named Daedalus

  • Daedalus HowellAmerican writer, journalist, filmmaker, actor, and artist

Daedalus in Pop Culture

  • DaedalusGreek mythological figure, inventor, scientist, and unriddler of riddles
  • Dædalusjournal of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences (
  • Daedaluscharacter in the anime Ergo Proxy

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