ath-ah-NAY-shus; ath-ah-NAY-zee-us

Athanasios Origin and Meaning

The name Athanasios is a boy's name meaning "immortal".

A mouthful of a given name, but one that is common in its native Greece. Athanasius is the spelling Americans are more familiar with — St. Athanasius of Alexandria is considered one of the founders of Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

Athanasios Popularity

Famous People Named Athanasios

  • Athanasios DiakosGreek Revolutionary hero
  • Athanasios "Thanasis" Klaras aka Ares or Aris VelouchiotisGreek resistance leader during WWII
  • Athanasios "Thanasis" AntetokounmpoGreek basketball player
  • Athanasios "Thanasis" PapakonstantinouGreek singer,songwriter
  • Athanasios "Tom" AsimakopulosCanadian economist
  • Athanasios PapoulisGreek,American engineer
  • Athanasios PolychronopoulosGreek,American poker player
  • Athanasios OrphanidesCypriot economist
  • Athanasios PsalidasGreek author and scholar

Athanasios in Pop Culture

  • Revd. Athanasius Rookcharacter in Thackeray's short story Captain Rook (from Character Sketches, 1841); father of the titular crook and blackguard, Captain Tom Rook