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Gender: F Meaning of Constantina: "constant, unchanging" Origin of Constantina: Latin, female variation of Constantinus

Constantina is a pretty, feminissima, if lengthy, variation on the Constance theme. The fourth century Constantina, also known as Constantia and Constantiana, was the eldest daughter of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great and his second wife Fausta, daughter of Emperor Maximian. Constantina received the title of Augusta by her father, and is venerated as a saint; in English she is also known as Saint Constance.

Famous People Named Constantina

Saint Constantina, daughter of Roman Emperor Constantine
Constantina, Empress consort of Maurice of the Byzantine Empire
Constantina Dita, Romanian Olympic marathoner
Constantina Pițigoi, Romanian handballer
Constantina Carolina Amalia "Amelie" von Strussenfelt, Swedish novelist and poet

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