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Gender: F Meaning of Columba: "dove" Origin of Columba: Latin

Columba is an early saint's name that rhumbas to a modern beat. While the original St. Columba is male, the name sounds more appropriate for a girl in the modern world. Leave variations Colm and Callum for the boys.

Famous People Named Columba

Saint Columba of Sens, French martyr
Saint Columba of Spain, nun and martyr
Saint Columba the Virgin, Cornish martyr
Blessed Columba of Rieti, Umbrian mystic
Columba Bush, American philanthropist; wife of politician Jeb Bush
Columba Dominguez, Mexican actress

Pop Culture References for the name Columba

Colly, Collie, Columbine, Columbana, Columbia

Columba's International Variations

Columbita, Colombina, Columbias, Colomba, Colombita (Spanish) Colombe (French)