"yellow horse"

Xanthipe Origin and Meaning

The name Xanthipe is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "yellow horse".

Xanthipe, also spelled Xanthippe, is the name of the wife of Socrates. Challenging for English speakers, it's also dramatic and alluring.

Famous People Named Xanthipe

  • Xanthippe or Xantippewife of Greek philosopher Socrates; prototype of the quarrelsome, nagging wife

Xanthipe in Pop Culture

  • Xanthippedaughter of Dorus, wife of Pleuron; mother of Agenor, Sterope, Stratonice and Laophonte
  • Xanthippedaughter of Myconus who fed her imprisoned father with her own breastmilk to prevent him from dying of starvation
  • XanthippeAmazon who confronted Iolaus
  • Xanthippe Voorhee daughter of Julian Voorhee in The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt..