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Gender: M Meaning of Coleman: "servant of Nicholas" Origin of Coleman: English Coleman's Popularity in 2016: #963

The name of three hundred saints, a mustard, and your own baby boy. Coleman was off the US Top 1000 list for much of the 1960s and 1970s, but it was a mainstay before and has been since. It makes for an easy family name due to its status as common surname and its modern nickname Cole.

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Famous People Named Coleman

Ornette Coleman, jazz great
Coleman Hawkins, American jazz saxophonist
Coleman Young, American politician, first black mayor of Detroit
Coleman Livingston Blease, U.S. senator and governor of South Carolina
Gary Wayne Coleman, American actor
Dabney Wharton Coleman, American actor
Sidney Coleman, American theoretical physicist
Thomas Coleman "Cole" Younger, an American Confederate guerrilla during the American Civil War and later a member of the James-Younger gang
Robert Coleman Richardson, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics

Pop Culture References for the name Coleman

Coleman, manufacturer of camping gear
Coleman Galloway, character on TV's "The Jersey"
Coleman Carlisle, character on TV's "Nashville"
Coleman Reese, character in the movie "The Dark Knight"

Kohlman, Colman, Kolman

Coleman's International Variations

Columbano (Italian) Kálmán (Hungarian) Colombain (French)