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Gender: M Meaning of Coen: "bold advisor" Origin of Coen: Dutch diminutive of Coenraad Coen's Popularity in 2016: #797

Like many short forms now popular as full names in the Netherlands, Coen—also spelled Koen—originated as the diminutive of the more old-fashioned Coenraad, the Dutch Conrad. May be confused in the US with Cohen, which stems from the Jewish surname designating a priest.

Famous People Named Coen

Coen Cuser, 14th-century Dutch knight who founded a house for the poor
Coen Dillen (1926–1990), Dutch footballer
Coen Flink (nl) (1932–2000), Dutch actor
Coen Gortemaker (born 1994), Dutch footballer
Coen Hissink (1878–1942), Dutch silent film actor
Coen Janssen (fr) (born 1983), Dutch keyboardist of the band Epica
Coen Maertzdorf (born 1993), Dutch footballer
Coen Moulijn (1937–2011), Dutch footballer
Coen van Oven (1883–1963), Dutch painter
Coen Verbraak (born 1965), Dutch journalist and television producer
Coen Vermeltfoort (born 1988), Dutch racing cyclist
Coen van Vrijberghe de Coningh (1950–1997), Dutch actor and musician
Joel and Ethan Coen, American movie directors

Pop Culture References for the name Coen

Billy Coen, character in the Resident Evil series