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Gender: F Pronunciation: CLEE-o Meaning of Clio: "glory" Origin of Clio: Greek

Clio is the name of the ancient Greek mythological muse of history and heroic poetry, one that is rich with modern charm and would make an intriguing choice, especially thanks to its dynamic o-ending. Unlike the sound-alike Cleo, which brings up visions of Cleopatra, Clio is very much a stand-alone name.

Other Greek muse names you might consider: Thalia and Calliope.

Famous People Named Clio

Clio Cresswell, mathematician and author
Clio Goldsmith, French actress; sister-in-law of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
Clio Gould, English violinist and concertmaster
Clio Danae Othoneou, Greek actress and musician
Olive Clio Hazlett, American mathematician
Clio Davidson (b. 2011), daughter of actors Mary Stuart Masterson and Jeremy Davidson; twin of brother Wilder

Pop Culture References for the name Clio

Clio, Greek muse of history
Clio, Greek mythological daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, an Oceanid
Clio, Greek mythological daughter of Nereus and Doris, a sea nymph
Clio, model of Renault car
Clio, Serafina's hippokamp in Jennifer Donnelly's "Deep Blue" series.

Clea, Klio