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Gender: M Meaning of Claudius: "lame; enclosure" Origin of Claudius: Latin

Claudius is one of the most user-friendly of the ancient Roman names--even though it's associated with the villainous character in Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'. But as with feminine form Claudia, the "lame" meaning may hobble the rise of Claudius. Some etymologists theorize that the name may relate to the word for enclosure or clause, an alternate meaning that may appeal to a child with a form of this otherwise-appealing name.

Famous People Named Claudius

(Tiberius) Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, Roman Emperor
Claudius Gothicus, Roman Emperor
Claudius Lysias, Roman tribune mentioned in the Bible
Claudius Aelianus, Roman scholar of Greek
Claudius Hart Huston, American industrialist and politician
Benoit "Claudius" Crozet, French-American educator and civil engineer
Claudius Salmasius, French classical scholar
Claudius Clavus, Danish cartographer

Pop Culture References for the name Claudius

Claudius, king in Shakespeare's "Hamlet"
Claudius Templesmith, announcer in The Hunger Games series
"Claudius Bombarnac," novel by Jules Verne and its main character
"I, Claudius," a book by Robert Graves and miniseries about Roman Emperor Claudius