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Gender: F Meaning of Claudia: "lame; enclosure" Origin of Claudia: Feminine variation of Claude Claudia's Popularity in 2015: #741

A classic name with a hint of ancient Roman splendor that has never been truly in or truly out, Claudia still feels like a strong, modern choice—one of our "sweet spot" names.

Claudia was a common female name in ancient Rome, borne by the wives of both Nero and Pontius Pilate. The name is mentioned in the New Testament in one of St. Paul's letters to Timothy as one of the Christian women in Rome. As a result, it was taken up in the sixteenth century and has been in moderate use ever since.

There was a popular mid-century series of novels by Rose Franken, beginning with Claudia: The Story of a Marriage. The name was also used by Agatha Christie and Penelope Lively, as well as being a main character in Anne Rice's Interview With the Vampire. Model Claudia Schiffer gave it an infusion of glamour, as had earlier Italian actress Claudia Cardinale. Michelle Pfeiffer has a daughter named Claudia.

While some parents may be put off by the common "lame" meaning, some etymologists theorize that the name may relate to the word for enclosure or clause, an alternate meaning that may appeal to a child with a form of this otherwise appealing name.

Famous People Named Claudia

Claudia Ann Christian, American actress
Claudia Lee Black, Australian actress
Claude Joséphine Rose "Claudia" Cardinale, Italian actress
Claudia Pechstein, German speed skater
Claudia Jordan, American model and TV personality
Claudia Schiffer, German supermodel
Claudia Lynn Cohen, American gossip columnist and TV reporter
Claudia Anne Winkleman, English television presenter
Claudia Kohde-Kilsch, German tennis player
Claudia Porwick, German tennis player
Claudia Karvan, Australian actress
Claudia Rose Kelley, daughter of actress Michelle Pfeiffer and TV writer/producer David E. Kelley

Pop Culture References for the name Claudia

Claudia Joy Holden, character on TV's "Army Wives"
Claudia, little girl in "Interview with the Vampire"
Claudia Donovan, the Tech Girl on TV's "Warehouse 13"
Claudia Jean "CJ" Cregg, character on TV's "The West Wing"
Claudia Kishi, character in The Baby-Sitters Club series
Claudia Wolf, character in video game "Silent Hill 3"
Claudia Kincaid, in"From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler," by E.L. Konigsburg
Claudia Salinger, character on TV's "Party of Five"
Claudia Parr, main character in "Baby Proof" by Emily Giffin
Claudia Da Forli, character in G. A. Henty's, A Knight of the White Cross
Claudia Arlex, character in Catherine Fisher's Incarceron and Sapphique

Claudia's International Variations

Claudita, Claudeta, Claudina (Spanish) Claudette, Claude, Claudine (French)