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Gender: Female Origin of Chastity: Virtue name

The name Chastity is a girl's name . Chastity and is often added to lists like Good Girl Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Girls Makeover - Two Middles".

From the experts:

One of the original so-weird-it's-cruel celebrity baby names doesn't sound quite so impossible with the resurgence of virtue names. But be charitable and choose Charity instead. Variations: Chasa Dee, Chasadie, Chasady, Chasaty, Chasidee, Chasidey, Chasidie, Chasidy, Chasiti, Chasitie, Chasitti, Chasity, Chassedi, Chassidi, Chassidy, Chassiti, Chassity, Chassy, Chasta, Chastady, Chastidy, Chastin, Chastitee, Chastitie, Chastitey, Chastney, Chasty, Chasydi.

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Famous People Named Chastity

Chastity Sun Bono, birth name of Chaz Bono, American transgender activist; son of singers Cher and Sonny Bono
Chastity Brown, American singer-songwriter
Chastity, ring name of Denise Riffle, American pro wrestler

Pop Culture References for the name Chastity

Chastity Claire "C.C." Babcock, character on TV's "The Nanny"
Chastity, character in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" by J.K. Rowling
Chastity Marks, main character in Chaos' Chastity comics


harrietlittle Says:


I love this name! Virtue names are wonderful. They’re definitely not out of style. Hope and Faith are still in, why not Chastity? It means “pure and innocent”, and if a person lives up to that name, they’ll be a breath of fresh air in the world.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I love this name so much, and the meaning, but sadly, do feel that bullying could be a serious issue, which is a sad reflection of modern society. The other issue I have with many virtue names, including this one, is that they set up expectations for anyone bearing the name. None of us are perfect, and it may not be ideal to set such high standards for a child and woman, by calling her Chastity. Other names do have a similar meaning, such as Agnes, so maybe that is worth looking into.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I actually really like this. Maybe it would be better as a middle name, though.

morning_glory Says:


I think this is a lovely name, and it really annoys me that people are so down on it because of its meaning. Chastity is the name of a virtue, not a disease . . .

Yara Says:


The act of refraining from sexual intercourse.

pixelatedinfants Says:


What does dis name mean do

Yessica Says:


Look at those Chastities

KingCobra Says:


don't like the last two syllables