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Gender: F Meaning of Candida: "white" Origin of Candida: Latin

Attractive ancient name borne by several saints but sullied by association with yeast infection.

Famous People Named Candida

Saint Candida the Elder, early Christian saint and resident of Naples, Italy
Maria Candida of the Eucharist, Roman Catholic Carmelite nun, beatified by Pope John Paul II
Lady Candida Balfour, English interiors journalist and blogger (niece to the Duke of Norfolk)
Candida Branca Flor, Portuguese entertainer and traditional singer
Candida Cave, English artist and writer
Candida Doyle, Irish keyboard player and occasional backing vocalist with the band Pulp
Candida Höfer, German photographer
Candida Lycett Green, British author
Candida Moss, English academic and writer
Candida Royalle, American pornographic producer-director
Candida Thompson, English violinist
Candida Tobin, English author of a music education system

Pop Culture References for the name Candida

Candida albicans, yeast/mold responsible for yeast infections
"Candida," play George Bernard Shaw, produced in 1897
Candida, character on Disney TV sitcom "Phil of the Future"
"Candida", Song by Tony Orlando and Dawn

Candie, Candeea, Candi, Candita, Candy, Candia

Candida's International Variations

Candide (French)