Latin female variation of Fabian
"bean grower"

Fabia Origin and Meaning

The name Fabia is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "bean grower".

Fabia is one of several pleasant international-accented female versions of Fabian.

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Famous People Named Fabia

  • Fabia EudokiaByzantine Empress consort of Heraclius
  • FabiaRoman noblewoman, daughter of Marcus Fabius Ambustus
  • Fabia NumantinaRoman noblewoman; daughter of Paullus Fabius Maximus and Marcia, second cousin of Emperor Augustus
  • Fabia Orestillagreat,granddaughter of Roman emperor Antoninus Pius, wife of Emperor Gordian I
  • Fabia Drake (born Ethel McGlinchy)English character actress
  • Fabia TrabaldoItalian distance runner

Fabia in Pop Culture

  • Fabia Sheencharacter in anime Bakugan Battle Brawlers