Gender: Male Origin of Caden: Modern invented name Caden's Popularity in 2018: #237

Caden Origin and Meaning

The name Caden is a boy's name .

Caden is a key member of the rhyming contingent that dates all the similar sounding Cadens, Jadens, Braedons, and Aidans as part of a millennial megatrend.

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Rank in US: #237

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Pop Culture References for the name Caden

Caiden, Kaiden, Kayden, Cayden, Kaden, Cadin, Cadon, Caedon, Cadyn, Cadan


zsazsa00 Says:


Obviously risen in popularity cause of the "aden" ending, but this name isn't modern invented. Though I'm sure plenty of the spelling variants are. Caden has roots from different languages thus the uncertainty about it's meaning.
I recently learned about the welsh origins, which I like. "Battle/War" meanings make this more masculine. Though I like it best as a masculine form of Cadence, since the musical meaning is my favorite. I was originally drawn to the name while searching up Irish surname names, since I like that style. So that common "den" sound evokes Logan/Auden/Keegan more then Braden/Aiden etc for me at least.
Overall I just really like it (in this spelling) and it works for me on many levels. Only downside in my opinion is it's popularity. Which surprised me cause I hadn't met or heard of a Caden in my lifetime (and I supposedly grew up during it's popularity rise).

Gia.berry Says:


I love this name and it's apparently really popular at the moment but I've never come across a Caden or heard of one.

Abc1962 Says:


I just have to say right now, I don't understand why so many people are hating on the name "Caden". It isn't the name that counts really, it is the person that has it for his/her own. I used to hate the name "Grace" until I met a girl named Grace and she was really sweet... and all of a sudden my opinion of the name changed in a split second. It is up to us whether we like a name or not but I think we should all think about from another person's perspective first before we make a decision. I personally love the name Caden. I don't care whether it originated from "Cadence", which is for a female, I care that whether it comes from the servants mouth or the master, it is the same. We all sing a different tune, but our meanings are only what we make of it.

thenamer007 Says:


Been thinking about this name recently. It's okay I guess...this is probably my favorite spelling of it.

Caden Says:


Honestly, this name should not be for boys. It is derived from Cadence, so it has a musical meaning to it. I wish that I wouldn't have been named it. People always make fun of me because i have a "boy" name, but it's unisex. Sometimes I love my name, most of the time I do not.
I am a 17 year old girl by the way.

Hailey Says:


Just don't like this one. It has been done to death, and whenever I hear someone has named their child any one of the -aiden variations I immediately think of them as unoriginal.

Zelliew Says:


I don't mind it - It sounds pleasant to me

Mrs Love Says:


I named one of my twins this 12 years ago, I hate how popular all the "adens" got.

RenRose Says:


I can't find any evidence for this at all. In Welsh, the phrase 'spirit of battle' is 'ysbryd y frwydr'.

lizbiz10124 Says:


This name isn't a 'modern, invented name' - it's actually Welsh meaning Spirit of Battle which is quite a nice association and wasn't really used as a first name up until the 1990s...I used to not like it until I found out about its Welsh heritage and it's kind of growing on me now!

lesliemarion Says:


My least favorite male name. Who wants a megatrend for a baby?

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I don't like this spelling at all. It is looks so incomplete. I prefer Cayden.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I can't get a clear, correct meaning to the origins of this name. One sight says it's an invented name, one says its Welsh, while another says its Irish.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I can't get a clear, correct answer on the origins of this sight says it's an invented name, one says its Welsh, and another says its Irish.

ShunPun Says:


Ugh. Caden, Braden, Jaden, Aiden....I can't stand any of these names. They just sound so trendy and I just think of a boy running around being a nuisance in the store when I hear them.

Guest Says:


I hate this name but this the best spelling of it.