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Gender: Female Meaning of Britta: "strength or exalted one" Origin of Britta: Scandinavian, variation of Birgit or Britt

The name Britta is a girl's name of Scandinavian, Swedish origin meaning "strength or exalted one". Britta and is often added to lists like Names That Mean Strong, Brave or Powerful and discussed in our forums with posts like "Build a sibset ....".

From the experts:

If you want a pan-Scandinavian name that sounds at once exotic and familiar, Britta may be a perfect choice. It's got energy and style but sounds a bit, yes, brittle.

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Famous People Named Britta

Saint Britta, 4th century martyr along with Saint Maura
Britta Steffen, German Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer
Britta Phillips, American musician of duo Dean & Britta and Luna
Britta Heidemann, German Olympic fencer
Britta Persson, Swedish singer-songwriter
Britta Lejon, Swedish politician
Britta Soll, Estonian actress and model
Britta Alice Holmberg, Swedish actress, wife of actor Stig Olin and mother of actress Lena Olin

Pop Culture References for the name Britta

Britta Perry, character on the TV show "Community"
Britta Paweldaughter, character in book "Princess Academy" by Shannon Hale
Britta, character in "The Drifters" by James A. Michener
Britta Larson, character in the American Girl books
Britta McMann, character on TV series Go Girls


RedPanda1203 Says:


I am actually Swedish and this is an old family name. I can't think of one female relative on my mother's side who does not have a some variation of Birgit in their name (My mother and Aunt both have it as their middle name, and it's my Grandmother's first name)... And I think it's a beautiful name so that's lucky!

-EagleEyes- Says:


I love this name. I actually named my baby doll this as a little girl :) It's so cute and spunky! I love the meaning too.

headintheclouds Says:


Britta's one of those short but sweet two-syllable girl's names that are feminine without being flowery, and has a lively spirit to it. It really ought to be more popular than it is, and it's a great sweet-spot kind of name, where it's not mega-popular, but is still well-known enough that it's not obscure. I really like it.

When I see the name, I think of a scene in the TV show Community where the character Britta is referred to as "the water filter girl?". I loved that xD

EW314 Says:


Love this, it sounds strong and feminine.

sward Says:


Like the water filter?

rie Says:


Prefer this to Britney (always sounded like KNEE to me) Brit is a lovely cute nickname, and I agree it doesn't sound brittle!

LMKH Says:


Love this name.

aedunn2 Says:


I'm surprised this isn't way more popular. I knew two Brittas growing up (for context, I'm 23) and my mom has a friend named Brita (although in her case it rhymes with Rita). Maybe it's a regional thing- I'm from the Midwest, so we probably have a disproportionately large percentage of people with Scandinavian ancestry as compared to the country as a whole.

Britta Carlson Says:


I love my name.. And I don't think it sounds "brittle" at all. I think it's lovely and I get compliments quite often=]