French, diminutive of Elizabeth or Lise
"pledged to God"

Lisette Origin and Meaning

The name Lisette is a girl's name of French origin meaning "pledged to God".

Lisette, also spelled Lizette, is a dainty,, if somewhat dated, Gallic offshoot of Elizabeth. It reached its U.S. peak of popularity in 1999, then fell off the list in 2001.

Lisette Model (born Elise) was an influential Austrian-born photographer; Lizette Reese was an esteemed early twentieth century poet.

There's a Lisette character in the new show Welcome to the Family.

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Lisette Popularity

Famous People Named Lisette

  • Lisette OropesaAmerican operatic soprano
  • Lisette Model (born Elise Amelie Felicie Stern)Austrian,American photographer
  • Lisette MelendezAmerican dance,pop singer
  • Lisette Charbonneaudaughter of Native American explorer Sacagawea
  • Lisette Denison ForthAmerican slave, landowner and philanthropist
  • Lisette Garcia MorelosMexican actress and singer
  • Lisette VereaRomanian singer and actress
  • Lisette Best SchandeinAmerican former president of Pabst Brewing
  • Lisette Pia Hee Young PaglerSwedish singer and actress
  • LisetteMarquise de Brinon (born Jeanne Louise Rachel Franck), French Jewish wife of the pro,Nazi French collaborator Fernand de Brinon

Lisette in Pop Culture

  • Lisetteformer French magazine for girls
  • Lisettecharacter in "Bewitching" by Alex Flinn
  • Lisette de Liseminor character in L. A. Meyer's Bloody Jack series
  • Lisettecharacter in "The School for Husbands" by Moliere