Gender: Female Pronunciation: Brian-ee Meaning of Briony: "to sprout" Origin of Briony: Spelling variation of Bryony

Briony Origin and Meaning

The name Briony is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "to sprout".

Briony may be the variation and Bryony the original, but many parents will see this as the more authentic-feeling version of this attractive botanical name. Still unusual in the U.S., Briony is in the British Top 100 and may appeal to parents as a fresh spin on Briana or Brittany or an honorific for a Brian, though it bears no relationship to the male name.

Briony Tallis is the young girl who sets the plot in motion in Ian McEwan's novel Atonement--played on screen by Saoirse Ronan, for which she received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination.

Briony is a variant spelling of Bryony, coming from the Greek meaning 'to grow luxuriantly'. Bryony/Briony is an unusually strong plant name --the bryony being a wild climbing vine with green flowers

Pronunciation is like Brian with an ee at the end.

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meggyweg Says:


I could see using it as either a first or a middle. I'd use it to honor my brother Brian who died. I don't like the name Brianna much, too common.

dorris_the_brilliant Says:


Everyone says this name is unpopular but EVERYONE I know is called it including my mum, my cousin, my step sister and my second aunt. My dads is called Brian and you should follow his account @brian.e.the.brilliant !! Our dog is called bryony but we didn't spell it the same due to confusion. We all pronounce are names differently, I say my names as br -eye - knee and my mum silences the b. My cousin is pronounced brian - ee. I really don't like how she says her name and i always tease her about it, byeeeeee ttyl

paulapuddephatt Says:


I am also in UK. I've only ever met one Bryony, who spelt it that way. It's a lovely name, and not super popular here at all, but definitely more popular than Brianna. I only know one Brianna and she is American, but lived here for a few years. Bryony or Briony is not common at all in USA, as far as I know.

Briony Says:


This is my name! I'm from the UK and, while it's an uncommon name here, it's not that unusual and would always be pronounced Bry-Uh-Nee (Bry rhymes with sky and eye). Names like Brianna are less common over here, so the Bry vs Bree comparison doesn't really happen.

abertawe Says:


lol. Think of it like the word irony to understand why it's pronounced BRY-on-ee

abertawe Says:


Brinny? Oh! Briney. Yeah, I can see that being close.

EasterBunny Says:


This name is actually pretty common in Australia, I'm surprised to see all the confusion in the comments. Everyone here would have at least heard of it, and would automatically pronounce it Brian-ee.

Bobcat108 Says:


I love this name but was never sure how to pronounce it. I wouldn't have thought of Brian-nee, though I see in the comments it appears that most people w/this name don't pronounce it as shown above. In any case, there's a book by Mary Stewart, Touch Not the Cat, in which the protagonist is named Bryony. I read the book when I was around 10 or so & have loved the name ever since.

Madhatterchic Says:


My name is Briony but it's pronounced Bree-on-nee. I hate when people call me Brian-ee because I think it sounds ugly.

Madhatterchic Says:


That's how i pronounce it, but I continuously have people calling me Brian-nee. It's quite annoying.

Madhatterchic Says:


It's not bad having it as a first name, you just hear "i've never heard that name before, it's pretty" and a lot of people have trouble pronouncing it correctly. :)

Madhatterchic Says:


I've personally never met anyone with my name but I pronounce it Bree-ah-nee :)

Madhatterchic Says:


My name is Briony but its pronounced Bree-ah-nee. Thankfully seeing as I don't like the original pronunciation much.

Fluffykitten101 Says:


Uhm, it isn't pronounced like Briana though. It is pronounced Breye-uh-nee.

bdzb Says:


This is my name, but I tell people to pronounce it like Britney without the T.

Care Says:


I agree!

Care Says:


Pronunciation is like Brian with an ee at the end??? This makes NO SENSE! Would you say Briana is pronounced Brian-ah? I don't think so!

Lola Says:


Briony is pronouned Brai-ahn-ee
so the a is like the a in Stan or pan...

LadyOh Says:


I'd put it as a middle name, but I'm not brave enough to use it as a first.

LadyOh Says:


Unfortunately, I see that too. It's difficult for me to imagine it on my future daughter. It writes in cursive nicely, though.

Margot_86 Says:


The only two people I've ever met with this name pronounce it differently from the pronunciation listed here. They pronounce it: bree-OH-nee. I like that pronunciation, but I'm still unsure of how the "a" is supposed to be pronounced according to the pronunciation guide above. Is it like the 'a' in "cat" or the 'a' in "start"? Also, which syllable is stressed?

Zelliew Says:


I quite like this name

Rush1986 Says:


While i find this hard to say, i do think its lovely and very unique (over in the US anyway)

kpearl8 Says:


I love everything about the sound of this name. Reminds me of honey :3

calyma Says:


i would probably really like this name if my brain didn't associate it with "Bronies"...

Alicia1 Says:


I like this name, not the way its pronounced. When I look at it, I would guess its pronounced Bree-on-ee.

theREALellendegenerusofficialw Says:


u suk

HatGirl Says:


it reminds me of brony too

Guest Says:


reminds me of 'brony'...

Guest Says:


growing on me a little but I don't really like the pronunciation much.

caroblaise Says:


The spelling kind of reminds me of "irony".

MaryKathryn Says:


Not a fan. Too similar to Brian, it's sounds like its trying too hard to be a girl name.

Sorceress Says:


Lovely name, love this spelling.