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Gender: M Meaning of Brice: "speckled, freckled" Origin of Brice: Scottish surname

Brice, much more often spelled Bryce, is an old saint's name that now has a sleek and sophisticated image—it feels elegant and efficient. Of the two spellings, Bryce is much more popular for both sexes.

Though the name is given much more frequently to boys than to girls, director Ron Howard did a bit of gender bending when he called his daughter Bryce Dallas—a name now featured on marquees. Painter Brice Marden represents the other spelling, while St. Brice was a fifth century Frenchman who was a disciple and successor to St. Martin as bishop of Tours.

Famous People Named Brice

Brice Marden, American artist
Brice McCain, American football player
Brice Beckham, American actor
Brice Thadeus Ulrich (b. 2007), son of Danish actress Connie Nielsen and Danish musician Lars Ulrich

Pop Culture References for the name Brice

Brice, from the American TV show "The New Normal"


Brice's International Variations

Brychan (Welsh)