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Gender: F Pronunciation: BREE-ah Meaning of Bria: "vigour, liveliness" Origin of Bria: From Italian word brio meaning "vigour, liveliness" Bria's Popularity in 2015: #643

Sweet but spirited name becoming increasingly popular.

Famous People Named Bria

Bria Nicole Hartley, American pro basketball player
Bria Valente (born Brenda Fuentes), American pop singer
Bria Roberts, American actress and contortionist
Bria Kelly, American pop singer
Bria Murphy, model and daughter of American actor/comedian Eddie Murphy
Bria Epps, daughter of American actor Mike Epps
Bria Michelle Kam, American musician and YouTuber of duo BriaAndChrissy

Pop Culture References for the name Bria

Bria Tharen, character in the Star Wars series
Bria Brassie, character in the Xanth series by Piers Anthony