Feminine form of Brennan
"descendant of the sad one"

Brenna Origin and Meaning

The name Brenna is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "descendant of the sad one".

Brenna is a feminine form of the Irish surname Brennan, or perhaps a variation of Brenda or Brendan—all of which have different meanings. Whatever its derivation or authenticity, it's a modern sounding name which has steadily decreased in popularity since 1995 when it peaked at Number 235 in the United States.

Brenna O'Brien is a Canadian actress.

# 994 in the US

Brenna Rank in US Top 1000

# 1009 on Nameberry

Brenna Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Brenna Popularity

Famous People Named Brenna

  • Brenna Katheleen SakasMiss Arizona USA 2005
  • Brenna O'BrienCanadian actress
  • Brenna Penaflor (born Brent Jhoanne Penaflor)Filipina actress
  • Brenna Rose Dilley (b. 1993)one of the first surviving set of sextuplets born in the United States
  • Brenna D'AmicoAmerican actress
  • Brenna DowellAmerican gymnast

Brenna in Pop Culture

  • (Mary) Brenna O'Toolecharacter in Nora Roberts' "Tears of the Moon"
  • Brenna Carvercharacter on TV's "Chasing Life"
  • Brennacharacter in 'Elphame's Choice' by PC Cast
  • Brennacharacter on Netflix's "Working Moms"