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Gender: M Meaning of Brecken: "freckled, speckled" Origin of Brecken: Variation of Breccan; Irish Brecken's Popularity in 2016: #733

Brecken is a fresh, distinctively Irish alternative to similar-sounding (and much more popular) Beckett or Beckham. While Brecken is a spelling variation of the original Breccan, it's the most popular form of the name, used for 334 baby boys in 2015, versus 69 with the Breckin spelling and 39 named Breccan. By whatever spelling, it's a name we'll likely see continue to rise in popularity.

Spelled Breckin, it's the given name of actor Meyer, known for Road Trip and Rat Race.

Famous People Named Brecken

Brecken Palmer, former child actor

Pop Culture References for the name Brecken

Breckenridge, Colorado