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Gender: Female Meaning of Beryl: "sea-green jewel" Origin of Beryl: Greek

The name Beryl is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "sea-green jewel". Beryl and is often added to lists like Unique Girl Names: Unusual and Rare and discussed in our forums with posts like "Fresh, Airy Middle?".

From the experts:

Dated British favorite that never caught on in this country, where Jade remains the green gem of choice. Interesting namesakes: British writer Beryl Bainbridge and British aviatrix Beryl Markham.

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Famous People Named Beryl

Beryl Margaret Bainbridge, English novelist
Beryl Markham, English aviatrix
Beryl Audley Bryden, English jazz singer
Beryl Burton, English cyclist
Béryl Émilie Paulette Gastaldello, French Olympic Swimmer
Beryl Goldwyn, English prima ballerina
Beryl Elizabeth Grey, English prima ballerina
Beryl Laverick Maulding, English actress; wife of politician Reginald Maulding
Beryl Elizabeth Reid, English actress and comedienne
Beryl Drusilla de Zoete, English dancer, writer and orientalist
Beryl Mercer, British-American actress
Beryl Ingham, English actress; wife of actor George Formby
Beryl Eugenia McBurnie, Trinidadian dancer
Beryl Marsden, British R&B singer
Beryl Booker, American pianist
Beryl Cook, English painter and OBE
Beryl Alaine Howell, U.S. federal judge

Pop Culture References for the name Beryl

Beryl Stapleton, character in The Hound of the Baskervilles
Beryl Patmore, the cook on TV's "Downton Abbey"
Beryl Muspratt, character in Evelyn Waugh's "Brideshead Revisited" (1945); admiral's widow with three children, who marries Lord Brideshead
Beryl Tuke, landlady of a pub awaiting demolition in "Miss Gomez and the Brethren" (1971) by William Trevor
Beryl Hennessey, character on British TV series "The Liver Birds"
Beryl Ballard, a downstairs character on British TV series "Upstairs, Downstairs"
Queen Beryl, villain in the anime "Sailor Moon"
Beryl Grace, mother of Thalia and Jason Grace in "The Heroes of Olympus" and "Percy Jackson" book series
Beryl the Peril, character in British Topper comics
Beryl, emu character in Australian animated film "Blinky Bill the Movie"

Berry, Beryle, Berrie, Berrill, Beril, Berri, Berylla, Barry, Beryn


ambercat Says:


Unfortunately, I can't get past the name being a homonym of 'barrel.'

BrennaNotBrenda Says:


So I think you guys are making the same point, but it's a regional dialect issue. In some parts of the U.S., "barrel" and "Meryl" rhyme (the first syllable of each rhyming with 'air'), and in other parts of the U.S., "barrel" and "Carol" rhyme with each other (where the first syllable is a soft A like in 'cat'), but sound different from "Meryl" or "Gerald" (where the first syllable is more like a soft W like it "bet"). This is also known as the 'merry, marry, Mary' issue -- in some places, all three of those words are pronounced the same, and in others, they are pronounced differently.

danirose01 Says:


I have two relatives named Beryl- one male and one female- both pronounced like Meryl with a "B". I like the sound of it for either gender.

Daiseymae Says:


Too bad she can't comprehend facts. Thank you. 😀

Daiseymae Says:


There are two ways to pronounce it. You act like there is only one way to pronounce it. What is the problem?

RoddyThlayli Says:


As Daiseymae said, there are multiple pronunciations. They're equally correct.

Kristin Couture Says:


its my middle name and my grandmothers name and my great grandmothers name. pretty positive I know how to pronounce it....

beryl aksit Says:


Hello, my name is Beryl as well and for the ones who wonder why a baby should be named Beryl, my parents had two reasons:
Firstly, my eyes are green and they thought that was the color my eyes reminded them of :)
secondly, my dad is a chemical engineer and Beryllium is 04 on the periodic table, and I was born in April
so they put a lot of thought when naming me.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I've started to love this name. I hope it comes back into style. A vintage and gemstone name, just lovely.

Daiseymae Says:


It has two pronunciations. Burl and "barrel" are both correct. Look it up. I have a cousin Beryl Patton, and she also says "barrel".


Daiseymae Says:


Look it up. It is pronounced as "barrel" as in Beryl Markham. The British use this version and also on the East Coast here in the states. One of my friend's middle name is Beryl, and she pronounces it like Burl Ives. Both are correct.

Kristin Couture Says:


My middle name is Beryl and quite honestly, I wish it were my first. A lot of times people mispronounce it as barrel; but when pronounced correctly it's quite beautiful. It's also unique and alluring.

Kristin Couture Says:


Noo it's not barrel. Think more like berry and less like Barry.

beryl kawi Says:


hi there, i'm named after the gem and peole always ask me why my parents named me beryl,, i actually don't know why,,, :)

Zelliew Says:


It still sounds dated to me

headintheclouds Says:


Beryl is a lovely shade of the aquamarine stone, and as Saffron_Rice pointed out, if Ruby can become so popular today, so can Beryl! It has the same vintage fustiness, serene yet potentially-spunky appeal, both are lovely jewel names, and both have nice sounds + looks interesting spelled out. I think of Beryl as a more alternative, hipster version to the rhyming, more elegant WASPy baby-boomer Meryl.

ashbee Says:


The meaning is lovely, and this sounds very pretty when said out loud.

Daiseymae Says:


It can be used as either. The male version is pronounced "Burl", but I like the female version of Beryl which is pronounced "Barrel".

euphemiadwarlock9 Says:


For some reason Beryl sounds like a boy's name. I think it could easily pass as being unisex.

Saffron_Rice Says:


Not my favourite name, but a good deal prettier than fellow-jewel name Ruby. If Ruby can experience a mega-revival, why can't Beryl, with it's pleasant meaning?