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Gender: M Meaning of Bas: "person from the city of Sebastia" Origin of Bas: Dutch, diminutive of Bastiaan and Sebastian

Bas is a fashionable name in its own right in the Netherlands, where it's been in the Top 10. Used throughout Europe, it may have a future here as a straightforward-but-charming nickname name. Baz is another, similar and more appealing possibility.

Famous People Named Bas

Bastiaan "Bas" Zuiderent, Dutch cricketer
Bastiaan "Bas" Belder, Dutch MEP
Bas (born Abbas Hamad), American rapper
Bas of Bithynia, first independent ruler of Bithynia, Asia Minor
Bas Bron, Dutch music producer
Bastiaan "Bas" de Gaay Fortman, Dutch politician and scholar
Bastiaan Johan Christiaan "Bas Jan" Ader, Dutch conceptual artist
Bas Leinders, Belgian racing driver
Rendel Sebastian "Bas" Pease, English physicist
Sebastiaan "Bas" Rutten, Dutch MMA fighter
Sebastiaan Jacques Henri "Bas" van de Goor, Dutch volleyball player
Bastiaan Johannis "Bas" van der Vlies, Dutch MP
Bastiaan Cornelis "Bas" van Fraassen, Dutch-American philosopher

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