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Gender: F Origin of Babette: French, diminutive of Barbara

A less common relic of the Claudette-Paulette-Annette era.

Famous People Named Babette

Alice Babette Toklas, American avant-garde
Babette Deutsch, American poet
Babette Rosmond, American writer
Babette Cole, English children's writer
Babette DeCastro, one of the DeCastro Sisters American singing trio
Babette Mangolte, French-American cinematographer and film director
Babette March, German-born model, first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model
Babette Ployer, Austrian piano and composition pupil of Mozart
Babette Stephens, Australian actress and director

Pop Culture References for the name Babette

"Babette's Feast," Danish movie
Babette Freniere, character in "Interview with the Vampire"
Babette, feather duster in musical "Beauty and the Beast"
Babette Gladney, character in "White Noise" by Don DeLillo
Babette, vampire character in the video game "Skyrim"
Babette, invisible princess in the book "Tom, Babette, and Simon" by Avi
Babette Dell, character on "Gilmore Girls"