Gender: Female Pronunciation: a-ZAY-lee-ah Meaning of Azalea: "azalea, a flower" Origin of Azalea: English Azalea's Popularity in 2019: #531

Azalea Origin and Meaning

The name Azalea is a girl's name of English origin meaning "azalea, a flower".

Azalea is one of the fresher flower names, along with Zinnia and Lilac, that are new to the name bouquet--in fact it just entered the Social Security list for the first time in 2012. So if Lily and Rose are too tame for you, consider this brilliant pink springtime blossom with a touch of the exotic that has been growing in popularity.

Azalea is the name of the princess heroine of the novel Entwined, and, most recently, is connected to musical artist Iggy Azalea.

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Rank in US: #531

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Azalia, Azaleia


Aza'lea Benjamin Says:


My name isn’t exactly Azalea. It isn’t pronounced like the flower, instead it is like a-ZUH-lee-uh and my parents put an apostrophe to make it different. It confuses people though, so I let substitute teachers call me Azalea and tell people I meet to call me by my nickname Azzy. I reeeeaaallllllyyyyy like my name, but like most people said, Iggy Azalea kinda screwed it up bc some kids at school thought it would be funny to constantly call me that, but it’s whatever. ‘Tis merely a small price to pay for such a beautiful name, though. Anyone feel free to ‘borrow’ my variation. I’m really proud of my name and I hope others like it, too 😄

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


Azalea is a very pretty name. I think it will become more popular in the future, when Iggy Azalea does down. I like nickname Azzy/Azzie.

JustBrowsing Says:


Love it. Even just Zaelia would be cute.

Lizzy Lou Says:


Lol Alizé? Like the booze brand from the 80s/90s?

paulapuddephatt Says:


Beautiful, love it

autumnreverie Says:


I wouldn't let a musician/celebrity keep me from using a name if I liked it. It's a pretty name.

autumnreverie Says:


Could it be the name Alizé/Alizée?

bboxbritt Says:


Social Security only lists names given to 5 or more children born in any given year. Your name wasn't given to enough people, so it wouldn't be listed.

lynneinlove Says:


The Social Security list only posts names given to (I believe) five or more children in a given year, in order to protect children's privacy. So if someone has a very rare or special name, like your friend, it wouldn't show up in the list (:

Azalea313 Says:


I've had my name since birth and a social security card so umm your facts are wrong. 1980.

Froley Says:


I love this name so much. I would've named my daughter Azalea but Iggy Azalea was still very popular when she was born and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. What a beautiful name. Hopefully she will fade out soon and others can use this name again without any association

athenamay24 Says:


Love this name! Azaleas (like the actual flowers) are all over my hometown, so it has a special meaning for me. I love all the nickname possibilities too! :-)

hufflepuff Says:


I love this name, despite the "rapper!" Maybe her popularity will throw people off the scent...... I would love if Azalea remained a hidden gem!

Marlz81 Says:



Zelliew Says:


One flower too many

RavenZimmi Says:


To avoid thinking Iggy I pronounce it Azalee when I read it >.<

AbsolutGrndZer0 Says:


Okay, it says this first entered the social security list in 2012? That seems odd, since I grew up with a girl named Azalea. Her nickname to us was Zelda, but all the teachers called her Azalea, and that's what we put on her locker on her birthdays. I haven't talked to her in ages (though she still lives just down the street)

caitlynhazel Says:


This is the closest i can find to a little girls name that i heard at a daycare i worked at... Alazea pronunnced either AL-Uh-ZAY or AL-Uh-Zay-uh

I cant remember fully but still love the name

ShunPun Says:


Same!! Azalea is still my favorite name for a girl...but I'm hoping that Iggy Azalea's popularity dies down over the years so I can still use it and no one will ask me if it's because of the rapper.

madmaddie Says:


The rapper, if you can call her that, has ruined it for me.

strawberrydino Says:


Too bad the minute I started liking the name Azalea Iggy Azalea had to become a pop-star. :/

mabespark Says:


Gorgeous, unique flower name.

LadyVanRaven Says:


Gives off a spunky vibe. I think it's one of those names that although it looks very feminine, could work well on either a tomboy or girly girl (or somewhere in between). Love the connection to the flowers as they are very beautiful. Also, if a girl with this name wants to go by something a bit more common there is also the nickname Lea!

fuzzycub Says:


Nice sound; Zaley or Zae would be cute nicknames.