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Gender: F Origin of Avril: French variation of April

French Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne has put the spotlight on her name.

Famous People Named Avril

Avril Ramona Lavigne, Canadian singer
Avril Phaedra "Kim" Douglas Campbell, 19th Canadian Prime Minister
Avril, stage name of Judith Nyambura Mwangi, Kenyan singer
(Ghénia) Avril de Sainte-Croix, French author, journalist and feminist
Avril Danica Haines, U.S. Deputy Security Adviser
(Gwendolyn) Avril Coleridge-Taylor, English pianist, conductor, and composer
(Florence) Avril Angers, English comedienne
Avril Doyle, Irish MEP
Avril Blair, sister of English writer George Orwell
Jane Avril, dancer at the Moulin Rouge

Pop Culture References for the name Avril

Avril, Basil Stoke's mistress in the Sean O'Casey play "Purple Dust" (1940)
Avril Incandenza, character in David Foster Wallace's "Infinite Jest"
Avril Kent, character on British soap "Emmerdale"
Avril Aaronson, male character from movie "Nothing but the Truth"

Avrille, Avrill, Avrillia, Avy, Avrilia, Averil, Averell, Averyl, Averill, Averel, Avri, Avra