Gender: Male Meaning of Ariel: "lion of God" Origin of Ariel: Hebrew Ariel's Popularity in 2018: #585

Ariel Origin and Meaning

The name Ariel is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "lion of God".

Despite its distinguished pedigree and popularity in Israel, Disney's Little Mermaid cartoonized Ariel in the US. Short form Ari has come into prominence via the less than admirable character in Entourage. Though Ariel has been on the rise for boys in recent years and flat for girls, the gender divide still leans heavily toward the feminine, with more than three times as many baby girls named Ariel as boys in the US.

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Rank in US: #585

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Ari, Arial, Arie, Ariyel, Arriel


Anna Banana Says:


My crush is named this and he's a guy that just goes by Ari. When I talk about him people always assume he's a girl which is very annoying.

Leonina Says:


It's such a lovely name. But thanks to the little mermaid by Disney...
Arik and Ari might be good alternatives.

NatalieJeanMarie Says:


I have a gorgeous son named Ariel! I love his name and HE loves his name. So far he has not been teased about it once - even at school. I think it helps that most people pronounce The Little Mermaid's name as AIR-ee-el, where as we pronounce his AHR-ee-el. His nickname is Ari.

I would encourage anyone on the fence about giving a boy this name, to just do it! Don't be afraid. If anyone ever questions you about it being a girls name (I've never been questioned about it, though), it's pretty easy to explain that the gender is actually built into the name via the spelling and the feminine version would actually be Arielle or Ariela (in the same way that the feminine of Daniel is Danielle or Daniela). Then you can both have a laugh at how Disney gave a princess a 'boys name' :D

beachbear Says:


I like this name much better for boys.

lemonqueen Says:


Ariel as a girl will often be thought of as "The Little Mermaid," but I personaly prefer it as a boy's name.

silkypumpkin Says:


i always thought this was weird on a boy until i met a little boy named Ariel, and he was awesome, he was wise, kind and confident a "strong silent" type. now everytime i hear it i think of him instead of the little mermaid.

Hailey Says:


Ariel was a character in The Tempest. Ariel was an "airy spirit" that had no gender, so it could be for a male or a female.

Gini Says:


I really want to name my son this, but I'm worried it might be pronounced wrong as in the little mermaid and he might be teased. Ari is a cool nickname for it too.

headintheclouds Says:


This is a total boy's name where I come from as well. It's nice, but The Little Mermaid is a rather annoying association if you're a guy Ariel, as two of my acquaintances are. Honestly it's like Gabriel/Michael/Daniel becoming a forever girl's name in the mind of the public because a girl cartoon character was named that instead of Gabrielle/Michelle/Danielle, which I think is rather dumb, and a real shame.

Daphodil Says:


It would've probably been one of my top choices if it wasn't my brother-in-law's name. I think it's such a handsome name!

tori101 Says:


My mother is Polish-Israeli and we have Ariel's in your family who live in Israel and our all boys. Also my cousin Katherina has just married a male Ariel so for me it feels masculine but whenever I talk to people not off the same background it results back to being feminine. It's a strange one and a name that I like but wouldn't use for either gender because off cultural difference in my family.

strawberrydino Says:


Well I'm kinda biased because my cousin (who i'm closest to out of all my cousins) is named this and he's a guy .. soo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Guest Says:


I can't really make up my mind about this name because on a boy I think it has a very feminine sound but on a girl I think this spelling is boyish (like, say, Daniel). It's a catch-22.