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Gender: F

French variation of Ariadne.

Variation of Ariana

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Famous People Named Ariane

Ariane Wilhelmina Maxima Ines, Princess of the Netherlands
Ariane (Langner) de Rothschild, French businesswoman; wife of Benjamin de Rothschild
Ariane Rinehart, American actress and singer
Ariane Ascaride, French actress and screenwriter
Ariane Nicole Andrew, birth name of American pro wrestler Cameron
(Ariane) Louise Bourgoin, French actress, model and television presenter
Ariane Friedrich, German Olympic high jumper
Ariane Hingst, German footballer
Ariane Koizumi, American model and actress
Ariane Labed, Greek-French actress
Ariane Mnouchkine, French stage director
Ariane Moffatt, French-Canadian singer-songwriter
Ariane Schluter, Dutch actress
Ariane Sherine, English comedy writer and actress
Ariane Bourdain, daughter of celebrity chef and host of CNN's "Parts Unknown" Anthony Bourdain

Pop Culture References for the name Ariane

Ariane Kusnetzowa, main character in 1920 novel "Ariane, jeune fille russe," by Jean Schopfer
Ariane Chavasse, main character in film "Love in the Afternoon," inspired by Schopfer's "Ariane"
Ariane, a character in RuneScape