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Gender: Female Origin of Aphrodite: Greek mythology name

Aphrodite Origin and Meaning

The name Aphrodite is a girl's name of Greek origin.

The name of the Greek goddess of love has rarely descended to mortal use, though the Roman equivalent Venus, thanks to tennis star Williams, now seems completely possible. But with the new fashion for goddess names, we may see more little Aphrodites in the playground with Jupiter and Juno.

Aphrodite was celebrated by Sappho, the greatest female poet of ancient Greece, in her Ode to Aphrodite.

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Afrodite, Afrodita


Visartema Says:


The full explanation of Aphrodite name can be found in ancient Illyrian, i.e. Albanian language, which, as in Latin, is a synonim of Venus.
It’s Afërdita (Afër - near and Dita - day), or Afro(het)- Dita (Day is close). By spotting the Venus as an “Early Star” in the dawn, Illyrians knew the Sunrise, and the Sun as their God is near.

Hero_Phoebus Says:


That's good to know. Have you ever had any issues with your name? I want to name my daughter Artemis Aphrodite!

Hero_Phoebus Says:


I do agree with you. I think that Aphrodite would be best suited for the middle name spot. I'm considering Aphrodite as a middle name for Artemis. The name is gorgeous and strong, but perhaps a little to heavy for the bearer as a first name. Adore it for the middle spot, however.

rjcolqu Says:


Aphrodite is a pretty name. If the person named Aphrodite doesn't like it then they can just ask to be called by their middle name like I am.

eveyalecia Says:


Whoa, careful declaring Aphrodite the most beautiful! That's how wars get started lol ;)

Floris Says:


Isn't that a bit farfetched? I mean, Anna is 2 letters from anal and people still use it...?

Floris Says:


Aw, thanks :) Salomé is not popular but not uncommon either, where I live.
It's the name of my stepsister... So, though it sounds really lovely and the meaning is so, so awesome (!) it's a name that was a bit ruined to me by association :(

QuxxnAphrosephone Says:


There's a little accent over the 'e' but I'm not sure how to do that on the computer I'm using!

QuxxnAphrosephone Says:


Leontine! I love that! My name is Salome. Unfortunately it's not that nice in America, but I do like my name

Floris Says:


I don't mind at all. :)
My name is LĂ©ontine (but many call me Leontina). May I ask what your name is?

QuxxnAphrosephone Says:


Is your name Floris, or is it something else? If you don't mind me asking :)

Floris Says:


Well, in this case you totally would have rocked it! :)
I was the shy/angsty type. And my name is already somewhat "impressive/unusual"...

QuxxnAphrosephone Says:


True. Maybe I'm thinking too much of myself as a teenager...I was a riot grrrl to say the least. Lol

Floris Says:


Ah, yes, I kind of see that. If it was scout's name or a student union name it would totally be something to brag about...!
But I just imagine a maybe somewhat akward teenager being like: "I'm Aphrodite...". If you don't have the confidence and the looks to back this up... And tbh, most teenagers are sooo self-conscious.

QuxxnAphrosephone Says:


Okay, I understand that. Honestly, I feel like it would be something to brag about though. But I do get where you're coming from.

Floris Says:


well, she's the most beautiful Greek goddess, right? If your dd isn't absolutely stunning by society's standards...?
And even if she is, she'd still need to be confident in that, right? Which is difficult for teens. It's a bit like calling your daughter "beautiful".

QuxxnAphrosephone Says:


Adults are, but it's hard for parents to look past the almost certain possibility of the kid getting teased as "penis." So unfortunate, because I think Venus is beautiful, I just know what it's like to be teased for your name and ending up hating it.

QuxxnAphrosephone Says:


Never heard of her...

QuxxnAphrosephone Says:


Can you explain to me what you think an Aphrodite would be teased for?

Eleri Gwenllian Says:


I met a Greek heritage 20 year old Aphrodite yesterday.

Floris Says:


Soo much teasing potential. And she was the most beautiful of all Greek goddesses. That's a lot to live up to!!

Haids1987 Says:


"The name of the Greek goddess of love has never descended to mortal use." What about the American reporter Aphrodite Jones?

Aphrodite Rosier Says:


It's actually my given first name.(Aphrodite Fenella Charis Rosier to be exact) Friends and family call me Aphie. So it's pretty usable.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


Well I didn't at first. I can see how that would be a problem during the early years of school, but I'd hope that adults would be mature enough to look past something as vague as that.

Zelliew Says:


It's a lot of name for a little girl

TnBsMommy Says:


Venus sounds like & is 2 letter off from being penis you do realize....

Jinxgirl Says:


All I would think is Afro and Hermaphrodite

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


Cool name! So much better than Zeus as a name! IMO.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I personally like Aphrodite more than Venus, but Venus is still nice.