Gender: Female Pronunciation: an-TIG-o-nee Origin of Antigone: Greek mythology name

Antigone Origin and Meaning

The name Antigone is a girl's name of Greek origin.

In Greek myth Antigone was the noble and courageous daughter of Oedipus, who acts as his guide after he blinds himself. Antigone is also the eponymous heroine of a play by Jean Anouilh.

Despite her heroism, however, Antigone has not yet made it into the modern world, but with the increasing acceptance of longer, weightier Greek and Roman names,this could change.

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Eirini170 Says:


I prefer the an-tee-GO-ne pronounce

impwood Says:


But the mythological Antigone was a really admirable character who stayed loyal to her family against all odds.

hflynn77 Says:


If I didn't know better I would pronounce this as anti-gone.

LostKid Says:


Anti-gone? I don't think this will work.

Ruby Byler Says:


This is a very interesting name, it is also one of those where I'm like do I like this name. I can't quite decide. So I think I am going to go make a list called, " Baby Names I cant decide If I Like or If I don't Like Them." And that is where I will put this name! :)

Haids1987 Says:


For such a bizarre play, this is actually a really cool name. It's exotic and unique. Plus you can almost guarantee you won't meet another Antigone in her kindergarten class!

Jasmine-Joy Says:


I love this name so much but the way it is spelt would cause confusion plus I might not be able to name my child this knowing the myth that it comes from...

RoddyThlayli Says:


I really, really love this name, pronunciation confusion be darned!

Zelliew Says:


Yes I find it pretty when said correctly but I wonder how many times it will be pronounced wrongly

alchemicallypurplefairy Says:


In Greek mythology, Oedipus killed his father and married his mother. She was one of the...results.

summersnow Says:


i know how this name is pronounced but every time i read it i just think anti-gone and get confused. i would feel so bad for the person if i met someone with this name.

Catastroffy Says:


I know how it is pronounced, but it still makes me think of an antagonist.

Hydra Says:


A pretty sound, but "against birth" is not the best meaning.

Volleybalqueen Says:


I love the name, I wouldn't use it though for the fact that it is spelled as Anti gone,... It would cause a bunch of confusion

ldougie Says:


This looks like the name of an ant killer.

NaomiNY Says:


I read the play in school once. Ever since then, I have loved this name.

degrasswizkid Says:


We did this play in high school and our principal had no idea what it was, during announcements he always pronounced it like the prefix "anti" and the word "gone"....haha, we made fun of him sooo much for that and mockingly referred to it as "anti" "gone" as well...I still have to think before I say it, just to pronounce it the right way....on a side note, I do love the story

steampunkleo Says:


I actually thought it was weird until someone pronounced it for me... it's so pretty!

britkarma Says:


I sent awhile longer looking, it's just hard to tell what people are saying even when they are writing out their pronounciations. But yes I suppose this is exactly how it is, said in English anyway. Thanks! I am really loving this name.

OConnor Says:


Antigone is traditionally pronounced ann-TIG-uh-nee. I heard this name a lot while studying Greek literature in college (the Oedipus Cycle).

pam Says:


This pronunciation guide from Forvo is instructive: Pronunciation does differ depending on language -- in France, people often don't pronounce the "ee" at the end of this and similar names, such as Persephone.

Myosotis Says:


I've only heard Ann-TIG-oh-nee, but the first time my friends and I saw it we seriously thought it was Ant-ee-gone, as in Anti+gone, (although we didn't know it was a name at the time) so even now that's still all I can see. An-TIG-oh-nee does have a very nice sound, not too dissimilar to Hermione.

britkarma Says:


I am having a time trying to find out the EXACT and correct pronunciation of this name. I hear it ANT-TEE-GO-N, barely pronouncing tha tlast letter. And I have heard Ann-TIG-OH-knee. I have looked it up a hundred times but people say it is both.