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Gender: M Meaning of Alvin: "noble friend, friend of the elves" Origin of Alvin: English Alvin's Popularity in 2016: #588

Tough to escape the sound of those screeching chipmunks or the image of all the nerdy Alvins seen on screen over the years. In the USA, Alvin now resides at Number 588.

Famous People Named Alvin

Alvin Lustig - Modernist Designer
Alvin Lucier - Composer
Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, American rapper
Alvin Adams, early 19th century businessman
Alvin Ailey, African American choreographer and activist
Alvin Boyd Kuhn, religious scholar
Alvin Cheung, graphic designer who worked on stop-motion claymated television series Pingu.
Alvin Dark, Major League Baseball player and manager
Alvin Davis, Major League Baseball player
Alvin Goldman, American philosopher
Alvin Hall, financial adviser, author and TV presenter
Alvin Harrison, American Olympic gold medal runner
Alvin P. Hovey, American Civil War general, Indiana supreme court justice, congressman, and governor of Indiana
Alvin Karpis, noted American criminal and "public enemy"
Alvin Kraenzlein, American athlete, four time gold medalist at the 1900 Paris Olympics
Alvin Langdon Coburn, photographer
Alvin Lee, born Graham Barnes, guitarist and singer
Alvin Martin, English footballer
Alvin Plantinga, philosopher
Alvin Robertson, NBA basketball player
Alvin Saunders, governor of Nebraska Territory and later U.S. Senator from Nebraska
Alvin Stardust, born Bernard Jewry, English pop singer
Alvin Toffler, writer and futurist
Alvin C. York, famous World War I soldier, Medal of Honor awardee
Alvin Soura Pandey, Bangladeshi Audio Engineer
Alvin, one of many pseudonyms of Ken Laszlo, Eurobeat vocalist

Pop Culture References for the name Alvin

Alvin and the Chipmunks (which includes Simon and Theodore)
Alvin Kersh, character from "The X Files"
Alvin, from movie "ParaNorman"
Alvin, crater on Mars
Alvin, Canadian Standardbred racehorse
13677 Alvin, asteroid
DSV Alvin, deep-submergence vehicle
Alvin, fictional planet on ALF (TV series)
Alvin the Treacherous, villain in the "How to Train Your Dragon" book series and the "Riders of Berk" TV series
Alvin Desmond aka Doctor Alchemy, character on TV's "The Flash"

Alvy, Al, Alvie, Alv, Alvyn, Alven, Alvan, Alvis

Alvin's International Variations

Aluino (Spanish) Alwin (German) Aluin, Aloin (French) Alvino (Italian)