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Gender: F Meaning of Alva: "white" Origin of Alva: English form of Irish Ailbhe

While the male Alva or Alvah relates directly to the minor Biblical character, the female version is more likely an anglicized form of Ailbhe. Best known as Thomas Edison's middle name, from the time when it was a male name; now sounds definitely--if unfashionably--female.

Famous People Named Alva

Alva Vanderbilt, American socialite and suffragette
Thomas Alva Edison, American inventor
Alva Gustafsson-Minor actress, sister of Greta Garbo
Alva Myrdal, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

Pop Culture References for the name Alva

Alva Star, main character of movie/play 'This Property is Condemned"
Alva, female form of Alf, which means in "elf" in Swedish.

Alver, Albinia, Albine, Alvit, Albina, Alvah, Alvannah, Alvanna, Alba, Alvana