"with healing power"

Althea Origin and Meaning

The name Althea is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "with healing power".
Althea is a poetic, almost ethereal name found in Greek myth and pastoral poetry, associated in modern times with the great tennis player Althea Gibson, the first African-American to win at Wimbleton.

Althea appears in Greek mythology as the mother of the hero Meleager and was revived by the seventeenth century poet Richard Lovelace as a poetic pseudonym for his beloved.

These days, parents would also appreciate the short form Thea.

Althea Popularity


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Famous People Named Althea

  • Althea GibsonAmerican tennis player
  • Althea HarperAmerican fashion designer & former "Project Runway" contestant
  • Althea Rae Janairobirth name of Tia Carrere, American actress
  • Althea FlyntAmerican wife and co,publisher of Hustler founder Larry Flynt
  • Althea Gyles (born Margaret Alethea Gyles)Irish poet
  • Althea Isabelle Sophie de Ligne de la Trémoïlle (b. 2010)daughter of actress Isabella Orsini & Prince Edouard de Ligne

Althea in Pop Culture

  • Althea GellarRoss and Monica's grandmother on TV's 'Friends'
  • Althea TibbsVirgil's wife on TV's 'In the Heat of the Night'
  • Altheamain character in 'The Last Year' series by Trisha Leigh
  • Althea Cartermain character in "Althea and Oliver" by Cristina Morocco
  • Greek althaea = 'marsh mallow'i.e. the bushy shrub which is noted for its healing powers. The Greek word derives from the verb althein 'to heal'.
  • 'To Altheafrom Prison," poem by Richard Lovelace
  • 'Althea' song by the Grateful Dead
  • Altheaa character who appeared in "Hollow City", the second installment of Ransom Riggs' "Peculiar Children" series
  • Altheaa character on "Fear the Walking Dead"

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