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Gender: Male Meaning of Alistair: "defending men" Origin of Alistair: English spelling of Alasdair, Scottish version of Alexander Alistair's Popularity in 2017: #927

The name Alistair is a boy's name of Scottish, Scottish Gaelic origin meaning "defending men". Alistair is ranked #927 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Boy Names Uncommon in the US and discussed in our forums with posts like "Names on NB that make you go WOW!".

From the experts:

With many British names invading the Yankee name pool, the sophisticated Alistair could and should be part of the next wave. It debuted in the US Top 1000 in 2016. You have a triple choice with this name--the British spell it Alistair or Alastair, while the Scots prefer Alasdair--but they're all suave Gaelic versions of Alexander. Adopted by the lowland Scots by the seventeenth century, the name didn't become popular outside Scotland and Ireland until the twentieth century.

Both Andrew Lloyd-Weber and Rod Stewart chose the Alastair spelling for their sons' names.

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Famous People Named Alistair

Alfred "Alistair" Cooke, British-American journalist and TV presenter
Alistair Richard Griffin, English singer-songwriter
Alistair Cees Overeem, Dutch MMA fighter
Alistair Mackay, Scottish polar explorer
Alistair Maclean Darling, Baron Darling of Roulanish, British MP
(Robert) Alistair McAlpine, Baron McAlpine of West Green, British adviser to PM Margaret Thatcher
Alistair Edward Brownlee, English triathlete
Alistair MacLeod, Canadian novelist
(James) Alistair Taylor, English assistant to the Beatles
Alistair Stuart MacLean, Scottish novelist
Alexander Morrison "Alistair" Carmichael, Scottish MP
Alistair Reid "Ally" MacLeod, Scottish footballer and manager
Alistair Murdoch "Ally" McCoist, Scottish footballer
Alistair Charles McGowan, English comedian
Alistair Stuart MacLean, Scottish novelist
Alistair Douglas Ross Campbell, Zimbabwean cricketer
Alistair Begg, American radio evangelist
Alistair "Ali" Testo, bassist of British pop punk band As It Is

Pop Culture References for the name Alistair

Alistair Smythe aka The Ultimate Spider-Slayer, villain in Spider-Man comics
Alistair Theirin, a character in the Dragon Age series
Alistair Leslie Graham aka Ali G, character created by Sacha Baron Cohen
Alistair Crane, character on American soap Passions
"The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury," children's series
Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, character on TV's Doctor Who
Alistair Oh, character in 'The 39 Clues'
Alistair Windsor, character in 'The Night Gardener'
Alistair Ryle, character in The Riot Club
Alistair "Alex" Turner, character from the TV series 'London Spy'
Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, character in the Harry Potter series
Alistair Patton, character in 'Return to Snowy River'

Alisdair, Alister, Alastair


ArthurianDreams Says:


Very stately sounding! I like Alistair a lot! I imagine 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' type suave British individual with this name.

headintheclouds Says:


Alistair sounds smooth and jazzy-cool-- an Alistair in my mind would be a charming and handsome type guy. I really like the way the name is written down, something about it looks very aesthetically pleasing to me. Also, the -stair part makes me positively think of ascending heights with regards to this name. I also love Al as a nickname. However, I do prefer the Alisdair version because of the d- sound in there and the Dair/Adair nickname you can get out of it. Alisdair seems more rough and tumble to me, while Alistair has more of the James Bond, suit and tie sophisticated vibe.
(The Alistair and Alastair spellings are equally nice, IMO)

megan7410 Says:


So if you look at Cookie Monster's wiki page it says that he thought his name was Sid before he ate his first cookie, and that "Alistair Cookie" is his alter-ego when he hosts Monsterpiece Theater. So your both kinda right! :)

Anna Says:


Cookie monsters name is Sid not Alistair. Google it.

lillismonica Says:


Ooh yeah. He was hunky. Great programme, I watch it a lot. That's actually how I came to like the name! And when I googled the actor that plays him, Philip bretherton, we share the same birthday, 30th may.

snowsbeloved Says:


I'm always reminded of Cookie Monster lol his "real" name is Alistair Cookie! Haha

Niiv Says:


Reminds me of Ali G. (Alistair Graham)

vmars92 Says:


Al-ih-ster is how it's pronounced in England

kelken17 Says:


How is this pronounced? With the "stair" ending or more on an "er" ending?
Al-ih-stare or Al-ih-ster?

raevynstar Says:


What a nice name!

lesliemarion Says:


Oh forget Harry Potter. Think of charming Alistair Deacon on As Time Goes By. Love this name (love Deacon too!).

SunKissedChild Says:


Love this name! It's the name of a dear friend of mine.

katieydenberg Says:


I like this but its a little too Harry Potter for us to seriously consider

Sunshine Kid Says:


Forget Alexander, Alistair is your man!