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Gender: M Pronunciation: ah-LEKS-ee Meaning of Alexei: "defending men" Origin of Alexei: Russian and Greek variation of Alexander

Alexei could well join the legion of Alex names popular in the US. There are countless opportunities to exoticize Alexander, and Alexei is one of the most straightforward. Other variations are: ALEXANDROS, ALEXIOS, and ALEKSEI.

Famous People Named Alexei

Alexei Alexeyevich Abrikosov, Soviet and Russian theoretical physicist and Nobel prize winner
Alexei Romanov (1904-1918), Crown Prince and the only son to the last czar of Russia
Alexei Ramirez, Cuban Major League Baseball second baseman and shortstop for the Chicago White Sox

Pop Culture References for the name Alexei

Alexei Vronsky and Alexei Karenin, male lover and husband for Anna Karenina
Alexei Markovic, character in Her Interactive's "Alibi in Ashes"
Alexei 'Alyosha' Karamazov is the main character in Fyodor Dostoyevsky's "Brother's Karamazov"