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Gender: F Origin of Alena: Variation of Helen Alena's Popularity in 2016: #636

Alena is a modern variant of Helen. Alena might also be a spelling twist on the Slavic Alina or a long form of Lena.

Famous People Named Alena

Saint Alena, 6th century Belgian martyr
Alena Shishkova, Russian model
Alena Igorevna Leonova, Russian figure skater
Alena Popchanka, Belarusian-French Olympic swimmer
Alena Šeredová, Czech model and actress
Alena "Ája" Vrzáňová, Czech figure skater
Alena Polenská, Czech ice hockey player
Alena Igorevna Zavarzina, Russian snowboarder
Alena Rose Jonas (b. 2014), daughter of American musician Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle

Pop Culture References for the name Alena

Tsarevna Alena, character in the video game "Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen"
Alena, a main character in Filipino TV series "Encantadia"

Alenea, Alina, Alenna, Alene, Aleni, Aleena, Alenka, Alenah, Alenia, Alyna, Alennah, Alenya