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Gender: M Origin of Alastair: English spelling of the Scottish Alasdair, the Gaelic form of of Alexander

To Americans, a quintessential British name, introduced to the U.S. public by suave journalist/PBS Masterpiece Theater host Alastair Cook. Sometimes used in the U.S. by parents with Scottish heritage.

Famous People Named Alastair

Alastair Wallace Stewart, son of Rod Stewart
Alastair Moock, singer
Alastair Aiken aka Ali-A, British YouTuber

Pop Culture References for the name Alastair

Alastair, demon on TV's "Supernatural"
Aleister Crowley, Poet, Writer
Alastair, character in soon to be new series by Cassandra Clare

Al, Alaster, Allystair, Alastaire, Allastaire, Alasdair, Allaster, Allistir, Alastar