Gender: Female Pronunciation: eye-leen or ay-leen Meaning of Aileen: "bright, shining light" Origin of Aileen: Irish variation of Helen Aileen's Popularity in 2019: #641

Aileen Origin and Meaning

The name Aileen is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "bright, shining light".

Irish Aileen and Scottish Eileen may be pronounced the same way or Aileen can be pronounced with a long a at the beginning. While neither is particularly stylish, Aileen is slightly more popular and has reversed its downward slide to inch upward in the past few years, perhaps thanks to its stylish A beginning. Nicknames for Aileen include Isla, Ayla, Lee and Lena.

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Rank in US: #641

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Aileen's International Variations

Aili (Finnish) Ailinn (Portuguese)


xNameNerd Says:


I know an Aileen. We call her Leen as a nickname, or sometimes just Aileen. She's very kind.
When I was young I was obsessed with the names Aileen and Eileen haha

Aileen Says:


Believe me, I feel your pain !!! If people would just follow simple grammar they would see that AI is pronounced AY... at least in the U.S.

Aileen Says:


The pronunciation in the United States English is AY. As in the words 'AIR' or 'Aide' or 'AIL'

Aileen Says:


I have never met another Aileen although I know you are out there : ) I live in the US and here AI is pronounced AY not EYE. It is different but beautiful.

Aileen Says:


You are correct !!

Aileen Says:


Ai in English in the United States is pronounced AY not EYE. As in 'AIL' or "AIDE' or 'AIR'. I have had trouble all my life with people saying it wrong. My name is Aileen not Eileen.

Daiseymae Says:


It is actually pronounced both ways.

Aileen3CC Says:


This is my name and I pronounce it with an A. I like my name a lot! It's unique but not too complicated.
As others mention, I was called alien by kids on occasion when I was little. Many people mispronounce it, but not just as Eileen. I get Arleen, Alina, Elaine...basically, some people cannot read!

Daiseymae Says:


It is actually both. I know people who pronounce it both ways.

irishdancer428 Says:


The pronunciation in Ay-leen, isn't it? I thought eye-leen was Eileen....

paulapuddephatt Says:


Beautiful name, love it

Aileen Says:


My name is Aileen and I actually get upset when people pronounce it eye-leen. I actually pronounce it Ay-leen. It is true that people do make fun of me for calling me alien, but I actually kind of enjoy it. Alien means belonging to a foreign country or nation which makes me also different. It makes me feel special and I love my name and the way it's pronounced.

CherryBomb50 Says:


Alien? Sorry, just thought of that.

Aileen Beltran Says:


Ay-lean doesn't make sense at all. I get mad when people pronounce my name that way. It goes aa-ii not aa-yy.
If you pronounced it that way I think more people would tease us Aileen's with the word alien.

Essa Says:


I've always known Aileen to be 'ay-leen' and Eileen to be 'eye-leen'.

ThistleThorn Says:


Eileen makes more sense.

Kateri Says:


I really like this name pronounced ay-leen..