Greek, French
"moon or heavenly"

Celina Origin and Meaning

The name Celina is a girl's name of Polish origin meaning "moon or heavenly".

A light and pretty pan-cultural name which can be considered a variant of either the Greek name Selene or Selena, meaning "moon", or of the French Celine, meaning "heavenly". An attractive choice that is surprisingly rare in the US: out of the Top 1000 since 2006.

# 989 in the US

Celina Rank in US Top 1000

Celina Popularity

Famous People Named Celina

  • Celina SindenBritish actress
  • Celina JadeChinese,American actress
  • Celina JaitlyIndian Bollywood actress

Celina in Pop Culture

  • Celina O'Malleycharacter in 'Portraits of Celina' by Sue Whiting