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Gender: M Meaning of Absalom: "father of peace" Origin of Absalom: Hebrew

Absalom, because of its biblical and literary associations, just might appeal to the daring namegiver.

In the Old Testament, Absalom was the handsome, favored but rebellious son of King David. In literature, Absalom appears in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, as the repeated title of a Faulkner novel--which refers to the biblical personage rather than the name of a character-- in the novel Cry, the Beloved Country and, on a more trivial note, as the name of the caterpillar in the Tim Burton version of "Alice in Wonderland."

The growing-in-popularity Axel is the Scandinavian form of the name.

Famous People Named Absalom

Absalom, son of King David by Maakah
Absalom Baird, Union army general in the American Civil War

Pop Culture References for the name Absalom

"Absalom, Absalom!", novel by William Faulkner
Absolem, the catepillar in Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Absalom Kumalo, character in Cry, the Beloved Country

Absalom's International Variations

Absalón (Spanish) Avshalom (Hebrew) Absalon (French) Axel (Scandinavian)