Names that Peaked in 1984

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Top Names that Peaked in 1984

  • Marcus

    Though ancient, Marcus now sounds more current than Mark, in tune with today's trend towards us-ending Latinate names.

    Marcus was commonplace in classical Rome--not surprising as it was... Read More 

  • Joanna

    Joanna derives from the Greek name Ioanna, which in turn came from the Hebrew name Yohannah. It is featured in the New Testament as a woman who accompanied Jesus on his travels and eventually... Read More 

  • Andre

    One international form that's been familiar in the English-speaking world for decades. Read More 

  • Tyson

    As parents were finding too many Tylers at the neighborhood playground, they began looking to Tyson as an alternative, no longer concerned with possible connections to Mike Tyson or Tyson chicken. Read More 

  • Alicia

    Alicia is a Latinized variation of Alice, a name ultimately derived from the German Adalhaidis. It emerged in the 19th century, but the 20th saw many spelling evolutions for Alicia, including... Read More 

  • Kara

    Kara peaked in the 1980s but remains more popular than the Cara variant. In Norse mythology, was a Valkyrie, lover of Helgi, who charmed his enemies in battle by enchanting them with song.Read More 

  • Mathew

    There was a time in the early twentieth century when Matthew and Mathew were closer together in terms of popularity; today, Matthew is America's clear preference.

    Another drawback to... Read More 

  • Lacey

    A unique combination of a surname feel and dainty femininity. It's currently associated with actress Lacey Chambert.Read More 

See Unique Names that Peaked in 1984