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  • Julie

    Wildly popular in the 1960s and '70s, Julie is no longer anywhere near as stylish as the name's longer forms. Try Juliet, Juliana, or even the more grownup Julia.Read More 

  • Lillie

    A variation of Lileas and Lilian.Read More 

  • Jolie

    Jolie is as pretty as its literal meaning; nowadays it is also seen as a girls’ name, via Angelina for whom Jolie was originally her middle name. ... Read More 

  • Amelie

    Emily gets a Bohemian spin and a French accent when it becomes Amelie. This favorite among French girl names has been... Read More 

  • Kallie

    Kallie is usually used as a nickname for more exotic names like Calliope/Kalliope and Calendula. We also think this is a fresher alternative to Kelly.Read More 

  • Kaylie

    A cute nickname name that's risen high over the past decade or so, more especially as Kaylee, this name combines the attributes of Hailey and Kayla, Kylie and Callie.Read More 

  • Nellie

    This ready-for-revival nickname name recalls the old Gay Nineties and bicycles-built-for-two era. In the US, Nellie is one of the most popular... Read More 

  • Nathalie

    A French variation of Natalie that's used occasionally in contemporary America. In England and Wales Natalie remains about 10 times as popular as Nathalie. Read More 

See Unique Girl Names Ending in -lie