Names That Mean Modern

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Top Names That Mean Modern

  • Arya

    Arya was derived from an Indo-Iranian word meaning “Aryan” or “noble.” It is a masculine given name in Iran, Indonesia, Bali, and Sanskrit-speaking regions of India. In Hindu- and English-speaking... Read More 

  • Kaiden

    This version of Kaden is also a popular choice and one of the many boys' names starting with k that can also start with a C, as in Caiden,... Read More 

  • Zaiden

    Zaiden grafts the fashionable first letter z onto the Aiden/Kaiden/Jaiden group of names, to popular effect. Soundalike Zayden is even more popular.Read More 

  • Janelle

    It's far cooler to drop the first syllable and go for Elle. Read More 

See Unique Names That Mean Modern