Names That Mean Rock

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Top Names That Mean Rock

  • Alaina

    Alaina, part Alana and part Elena and maybe also a little bit Elaine, is one of the many feminine forms of Alan (or its French form Alain) that have grown in popularity over recent decades,... Read More 

  • Peter

    Peter is derived from the Greek Petros, meaning “rock” or “stone.” One of the most important figures in the Christian hagiography is Saint Peter, keeper of the Gates of Heaven. Born Simon bar... Read More 

  • Callan

    This name is also a variation of Cailean, which is not in the Top 1000. It's a highly popular name in Scotland.Read More 

  • Callen

    Callen is a unisex Gaelic name growing in popularity here. Its newfound trendiness is possibly related to the Chris O'Donnell character on "NCIS: Los Angeles", known only as G. Callen. Jazz... Read More 

See Unique Names That Mean Rock