Charmian Origin and Meaning

The name Charmian is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "joy".

This name was used by Shakespeare (who got it from Plutarch) in Antony and Cleopatra for one of the attendants of the Egyptian queen. An interesting possibility, it is heard occasionally in the UK, even less frequently in the US.

Famous People Named Charmian

  • Charmian CarrAmerican actress
  • Charmian CliftAustralian writer
  • Charmian Kittredgewife of the writer Jack London

Charmian in Pop Culture

  • The Shakespearean pronunciation: CARmee,un (like Carmen) or CHAR,mee,un (like the word "charming")
  • Charmian Stroudcharacter in Agatha Christie's 1944 short story Strange Jest (a Miss Marple mystery)
  • Charmian Brown"Lady Sophia Sefton in disguise" in Jeffery Farnol's bestseller The Broad Highway (1910)
  • Charmian Bondaunt of James Bond (007) Franchise