Greek, feminine variation of Stephen
"garland, crown"

Stefania Origin and Meaning

Variation of Stephanie

Stefania Popularity

Famous People Named Stefania

  • Stefania LaVie OwenAmerican actress
  • Stefania SandrelliItalian actress
  • Stefania Noelle BarrAmerican actress and singer of band Shrink the Giant
  • Stefania CaredduItalian actress
  • Stefania BertonItalian pair skater
  • Stefania BelmondoItalian cross,country skier
  • Stefania Ferrario (born Stephanie Denise Kightley)Australian model
  • Stefania GianniniItalian politician
  • Stefania RoccaItalian actress
  • Stefania TurkewichUkrainian composer

Stefania in Pop Culture

  • Stefania FogagnoloRobert's Italian girlfriend on TV's 'Everybody Loves Raymond'

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