Variation of Sybil, Greek
"seer, oracle"

Sibley Origin and Meaning

The name Sibley is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "seer, oracle".

Meet my sibling, Sibley. Joking aside, Sibley sounds more possible than ever thanks to its trendy -ley ending and the new stylishness of big sister name Sybil.

Famous People Named Sibley

  • HollandCate, and Caroline Sibley, The Sibley Sisters, circus act
  • Antoinette SibleyBritish prima ballerina
  • Henry Hastings SibleyAmerican politician; first Governor of Minnesota

Sibley in Pop Culture

  • Sibley "Tibby" Sweetlandcharacter in play "The Farmer's Wife" by Eden Philpotts
  • Usual English form of Latin Sibilla in the Middle Ages
  • "Sib" was a medieval diminutive of this name (cf. the metronymic surname Sibson"Sib's son").
  • Sibley'sformer Rochester, New York department store chain