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Trilby Origin and Meaning

The name Trilby is a girl's name .

Trilby was used first for a character by French novelist Charles Nodier (1822) and made more famous by writer George du Maurier in an 1894 work. A Trilby hat, which Du Maurier's character wore, is a short-brimmed fedora of the kind recently revived by hipsters. Du Maurier's character Trilby fell under the hypnotic power of Svengali: not the best choice for an independent and self-determining daughter. Still, if you want a unisex name that moves far beyond the usual Taylor and Morgan and has energy and feminine verve, Trilby might well be your girl.

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Famous People Named Trilby

  • Trilby Doone HamnerAmerican fashion model

Trilby in Pop Culture

  • Trilby O'Ferrallhalf,Irish Parisian artists' model, title character of the George du Maurier novel (1894's 'Trilby')
  • Trilbyan 1870 ballet by Petipa and Gerber (based on the 1822 novel by Nodier: 'Trilby, ou le lutin d'Argail')
  • TrilbyFlorida, a US town (named for the du Maurier novel)