English or Gaelic surname
"descendent of the champion"

Rooney Origin and Meaning

The name Rooney is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "descendent of the champion".

Rooney is one of many bouncy Irish surnames that could make an agreeable first, once tied to Mickey Rooney (who was actually born Joseph Yule) in his young and spunky Andy Hardy period.

Young "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" actress Rooney Mara (born Patricia Rooney) gives it class and glamour--as well as bringing it into the unisex category. Roone is a cool short form.

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Famous People Named Rooney

  • William Henry Fitzhugh "Rooney" LeeU.S. Confederate General and Congressman from Virginia; son of General Robert E. Lee
  • Rooney RoonAmerican rapper of group Ultramagnetic MCs
  • Rooney L. BowenAmerican politician
  • Rooney MassaraEnglish Olympic rower
  • John J. "Rooney" SweeneyAmerican baseball player
  • Wayne RooneyEnglish footballer
  • Mickey RooneyAmerican actor

Rooney in Pop Culture

  • RooneyAmerican pop,rock band
  • Rooney Doodlecharacter from children's TV series The Doodlebops