Variation of Everly

Everlee Origin and Meaning

The name Everlee is a girl's name .

Like Ashley before it, Everly has been followed into the US charts by a number of spelling variations, one of which is Everlee. More distinctly feminine perhaps or a little sweeter in style, Everlee ranks in the US Top 500.

Derived from an Old English place name, Everlee means “wild boar in the clearing.” With this spelling, however, it could also be seen as a compound name, combining the word “ever” and the name “Lee” to make the meaning “ever meadow” or “eternal clearing.”

While less popular than Everleigh or Everly, Everlee is still given to 900 girls each year, and when combined with the other Everly variants, it starts to feel like a Top 20 name.

Love that -ee ending but want something that stands out? Zaylee, Bree, Jubilee, Esmee or Amberlee might appeal.

# 398 in the US

Everlee Rank in US Top 1000

Everlee Popularity